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Default Re: Godmother Series

No, Edith, I don't have Word files for everything, just the latest books, and even those aren't the copyedited versions. I've really only been using Word and Windows, as has Anne, by the way, since our first Petaybee book together. She imported a friend of a friend who was a good teacher and a Windows whiz to teach us both how to use the program and Windows in general. Before that I'd used WordPerfect and an old program on my original Apple 2+ called Xardax. The first 8 books or so I wrote were in that program or typed on a--gasp--typewriter. I am so paranoid about keeping copies of everything I do that I have dozens of badly labeled disks in various formats for each book and most of them are out in a storage shed, probably corrupted beyond hope, because just before all this e-book stuff came up I couldn't imagine why I'd ever need them again.
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