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Default Re: Kylara, a Bad girl or just misunderstood?

Originally Posted by edith View Post
You're not listening to a word I say are you? You're just reading the bits you want to read.
Tell you what, if you still don't believe me, get someone to kick you in the stomach hard. Wait until you think that the pain's almost gone and get someone to kick you again- harder. Oh yeah and do this for several days every month.
Then say whether a dragon is going to be bothered by a mere slap or burn or lash in comparison to the usual female pains.
Then go and write to yourself because I am fed up of you ignoring anything that doesn't fit with your cosy world view.
You've just annoyed another person to the state of ignoring you!
And you're not listening to what we are saying.

It's not just the pain. The point is that someone is inflicting the pain, and the dragon wants to protect the rider, but the rider is telling the dragon that they are not allowed to protect them.

While childbirth and cramps are unarguably painful, NO ONE IS INFLICTING THAT PAIN. And especially since gold dragons can reproduce, they would be the best dragons to understand that those are "NATURAL" pains. So while the dragon would feel the pain, she would know that it is part of a natural cycle, is not being inflicted by someone else on the rider, and would not be distressed.

The pain inflicted by Meron through the BDSM sessions with Kylara would be very "UNNATURAL" to the dragon, and she would want to protect her rider from the one CAUSING the pain. The fact that she is not allowed to protect her rider would be causing even more DISTRESS to the dragon. And as ED mentioned, feeling the pain, the pleasure, the anticipation of both while not being allowed to do anything would be the perfect setup for wanting to act out, and a mating flight overhead, while she is close to her cycle would be the perfect release for all of those confusing and frustrating feelings.

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