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Default Re: Kylara, a Bad girl or just misunderstood?

Originally Posted by edith View Post
Honey, Kylara is female. If the pain of that was enough to upset Pridith what about the five births or the self-induced abortions or even the period pains? Now I've only endured the latter and not very badly but I can tell you that it about as much fun as a migraine (and yeah I work through both of them) or presumably being kicked in the balls very hard.
You don't hear about dragons panicking every month because their rider has cramps or rising because of someone giving birth.
Most probably the dragons learn very quickly and can tell when pain is anticipated, however vaguely.
Now, you'll probably counter with Kylara not knowing what is coming but, be serious, do you think that she didn't vaguely know what is happening in a general sense?
Anyway, if Kylara was in pain, surely the reaction would be to try to protect her, not to rise?
It's not just the pain, it is the fact that someone is inflicting the pain. With childbirth, cramps, migraines, etc., noone is inflicting the pain. Meron is inflicting the pain on Kylara.

And Kylara was using the pain to enhance her sexual feelings. So the enhanced sexual feelings is what would have set Prideth off.

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