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Default Re: Kylara, a Bad girl or just misunderstood?

Originally Posted by ElectricDragon View Post
Having re-read DQ, I'll stand by my previous assessment of Kylara being maliciously self-centered. She willfully did the wrong things without regard for others and specifically to spite or harm others, and even her dragon did not spark enough concern for her to abate her activities. She was obviously "perverted" in the sense that she enjoyed sexual practices predominantly regarded as deviant, apparently being a submissive who enjoyed activities that were "rough" at a minimum, but probably amounted to outright sado-masochism. The rider of the watch dragon at Nabol is clearly disgusted by her in every respect, stating of what he observed Kylara and Meron doing when he burst in on them that "you don't abuse your dragon that way" and whatever they were doing produced pronounced bruising in areas that aren't incidental to vigorous "normal" sex. This clearly implies that Kylara had no regard for Prideth's well-being, and that she was doing something harmful to Prideth (so ordinary sex, even of an urgent and passionate variety is out as a possibility) and it is clearly implied that this contributed to Prideth rising in competition to Wirenth.
First, I think you're being rather unfair to a large percentage of consenting adults.

Second, there's absolutely no basis in fact for what I've bolded. She's displayed bruises on her arms in the past (easily consistent with just a firm hold), and there's no evidence at all that she doesn't leave her partners in a similar state.

Thirdly, if you think certain body areas are off-limits in normal sex, I feel rather sorry for your partners.

Fourthly, it's NOT 'clearly implied' that Kylara doing something other than vanilla sex is what triggered Prideth to rise. Good sex of any variety would have done it, and it's THAT the watch rider refers to as abuse - i.e. not paying enough attention to your dragon's sexual state and that of the other queens in the Weyr, and failing to act accordingly. If she hadn't been having sex, Prideth may have risen anyway. If Nabol had been a few hundred kilometres further off, she might not have done regardless of what Kylara was up to.

The simple fact is that Kylara should have been aware that both queens were close to rising, and known how to act in those circumstances. That's how she abused Prideth, not by doing whatever floated her boat with Meron on any other occasion than the day in question (except that Prideth was generally rather bored hanging around Nabol all the time, but that's hardly reason to have the woman hung, drawn and quartered...).
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