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Thumbs up Dragon name generator

Hi guys! I made something. It's not a story for once.

It's a dragon name generator!

That's its temporary home. I'm still tweaking it a bit, trying to get better dragon names from it.

Basically, how it works "behind the scenes" is I have 3 lists of "name parts". Basically, a prefix, a middle part, and a suffix.

The prefix I've taken from various words. I threw in a few that give a chance at throwing out "canon" names...meaning, I wanted to make a system that WOULD sometimes throw out a Ruth or Mnementh or Ramoth. (Although, more frequently you'll get close matches...instead of Ramoth you might get Ramenth or Ramibeth.) There's also a chance for the prefix to be nothing--meaning, you get a shorter name, so things like "Ath" or "Anth" are possibilities.

For the middle, it's usually a vowel or vowel combination, but I've also given it a chance to be nothing. Sometimes you'll get awkward things like "Aphth" but hey, does anyone understand how Mnementh got the spelling for HIS name? I mean, can dragons write? So why "Mnem" instead of "Nem"?

Anyway, in my generator, the suffix always ends in "th" or some variation--"th" and "nth" are the most common, but I threw in some things like "beth" or whatever in it. This one can't be skipped, otherwise you'd get a non-dragon name!

This is a really bare-bones script. I'm basically teaching myself how to program, and wanted to generate names. It might change/move places/stop working/have the names generated change drastically as I refine my lists of words, but hopefully a few of you will get some enjoyment out of it before then.
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