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Default 'Wherry' in other language translations

Some of you know that I have a hobby of translating bits of the Dragonrider books into Esperanto. I've come across a sticking point with the word 'wherry'.

'Wherry' is a somewhat (to me) obscure word which suits it's purpose in the books. Unfortunately, to simply translate it into Esperanto the bird like creature would be called a 'flat boat' literally.

For a while I just 'adopted' it into the language, but because of the orthographic changes that are mandated for that, the word became 'Verio'. That would be OK, except that it's then a very narrow word only found in the books.

So like usual, I'm asking those of you who either have or read the Pern novels in a language other than English, to let me know how the word 'wherry' was handled.


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