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...I really don't get shiny light and goodness from Anne's Pern. Especially not her best books, where, again, the first protagonist is a manipulator who's okay with killing people and we never really address that btw, a POV character in another book bleeds to death in space, and in probably the best stand-alone Pern book a huge chunk of the population, including our title heroine, dies, though in fairness Moreta was doomed by canon-we'd already established in Dsong/Dsinger that the historic Moreta died. Speaking of Dsong, we've got child abuse and deliberate intent to maim, then there's Ddrums, where Robinton tortures a character by withholding medical attention to manipulate him into naming an heir Robinton and Benden want. And of course there's the fact that character's a "villain' because he disagrees with the protagonist. There's F'lar's back to back knife fights, DQuest opens with F'nor getting stabbed, and includes him essentially date-raping Brekke (she does say "no" at first), and for them to get a 'happy ending' her dragon has to die and she has to be psychologically shattered, and the book ends with most of F'nor and Canth's skin burned off. F'lar spends much of DF forcing himself on Lessa after the mating flight, when he's not shaking her and yelling at her. In other books we get people mauled by big cats, Chalkin of Bitra basically running concentration camps, people being manually castrated as punishment, someone nearly freezing to death, incest (read "Rescue Run"), spacing, a psychopath stalking a girl (Thella and Aramina), someone trying to poison Robinton, constant references to suicide (including D'ram being talked out of it), Jaxom exercises his lordly rights by jumping Coranna (was that her name?) whether she wants sex or not....Yep, I can see how that's less grim than a book series where, despite people (logically, for plot reasons) dying, the hero, his love interest, his two best friends, and even their childhood antagonist and his family all survive to the end to live more or less happily ever after and triumph over terrible enemies explicitly via the power of various kinds of love. I'd say they're about equal except that Harry does fewer morally dubious things than F'lar, Lessa, and Jaxom.
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