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Default Re: Hans 5 - misscellaneous

Thank you, Farclas!

1. No, the only post processing was the crop. The strange, newer texture you see because the ancient hul was fitted on a fake one with the same shape because the ancient hull wasn't complete. There were only fragments of the hull, fitted in their correct place, a typical "museum thing".

2. You are correct here, but I couldn't help beeing happy with the shot

3. Good advice, I can lose some of the sky easily while even keeping the larger cloud intact so the horizon is offset. This was one of the pictures denied by the SXC (stock Exchange) site on the grounds of wrong lighting. I loved the curves and the colour too. Could have done without the old tires. I'll try making it tighter on the left and see what kind of effect that has. Tweaking the shadow... I tried that and didn't like the result. In the end I thought the picture being dark thre was natural.

4. Her, too, I tried to lighten the dark part but that immediately gave me that dreaded grainy/pixelating effect, though I do agree with you. I found it hard to get more contrast in the blue sky and was surprised by that. I'dlove to take credit for patience but no, I was lucky I'll get busy on experimenting with the tonal range and see what effect that will have.

5. I see what you mean by differently cropping this and think you are right. You are also right in that I couldn't improve the composition. It seems like the photographer and the bull are the only ones there but this was on the top of the cliffs, no, on the pathway tothe cliffs and litterally hunreds of people are walking behind me. I realise that I cropped it "wrong" in the sense that the bull is walking out of the picture. That shouldn't have happened as I always wrn people at work to take care people (portraits) are looking to the "inside" of a page while DTPing for publications Thing is that cropping the left side will lose me that body of water... dilemmas indeed! As for the three step ladder... my son, who photographs agriculture machinery and publishes about them had a list with the ten best tips for the photograper in that field and the ladder was in the top 5!
By the way, this was the other picture refused by SXC with wrong exposure as reason. I admit I could give it more contrast and brilliance/luminance, but wrong exposure?

Thanks muchly, I appreciate the advice very much.
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