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Default Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium

Hi Hans - I've been drawn back to your set several times, just to see if the chapel at Peers remains my favourite. It is! I love the composition and the colours - and the fact that the trees really put the chapel spire in it's place. I also really like the canal reflections shot.

As for the under-bridge shot, I took the liberty of dragging onto the desktop and trying some crops. A tight vertical worked the best, but none really improved your composition.

I checked out the 'rule of thirds', and you've ticked all the right boxes in the original; the diagonals also give vitality to the composition:

I couldn't work it out - then had a thought. Something in the foreground to give a focus point of interest? I tried this Photoshopped cut-out of a beggar, but it didn't really work - it grabbed all the attention, reducing the view to mere background. Maybe something simpler - like a solitary flower, maybe? Anyway, kudos on the lighting - it's a huge dynamic range. Please forgive the greened foliage - that was just a quick slash-and-burn!
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