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Question How would you tell, if something breaking fan fic rules?

Also on the same idea, how do you tell "Mary Sue" or the guy version?

Like in Pern base fan fic?

PS The reason is I've come a cross one over at FanFic.Net and I do not what to start a power keg here, only one story to go on and spelling Weyr as wyer and the story reminds me alot of HH1 with an Impression of the queen dragonet at the end.

Also Orth is T'bor bronze dragon from the Dragonrider of Pern (r) (c) and no disclaimer on NOT OWN PERN as far as I can tell, sometime I post reviews and got back some bad feedback that I don't know what I am talking about even if its coming from my memories of reading the books!
Help please. I think I can get hold of the hyperlink of the story if that would help!
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