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I love all three of the novels which were prequels to what are now called the "Tower and the Hive" series of novels: (1) To Ride Pegasus, (2) Pegasus in Flight and (3) Pegasus in Space. Notably, I think it is remarkable how the basis of the entire Talent series of books (all 8 including the 3 above prequels) all began with the second story Anne published in her career, titled "The Lady in the Tower", The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Apr 1959 (see reference page,"). I think it is rather remarkable that Anne McCaffrey wrote about the Talents in stories published in magazines, short stories and collections over the span of 40 years (from 1959 to 1999 - when The Tower and the Hive was published). I have read and re-read these novels more than I can count over the past 20 or so years. Although I have read much of Anne McCaffrey's work, these novels are my most favorite.
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