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The first short story is a little misleading as the reader expects to really follow Henry Darrow, and it's disappointing that he only gets brief mentions ins subsequent stories, as much as Daffyd op Owen stands as a strong character in his own right. I'm left with the big question that was built up in that story: How did Henry Darrow die? Is that ever explained? He mentions his pre-cog but I don't believe I saw it resolved.
Heart attack. Pretty sure it's stated right out as a massive myocardial infarction.

Yeah, fifth paragraph of the story he says he exactly when and how he'll die - 15 years into the future. We don't see it happen, but there's easily enough time passing between the two stories. He does say that the issue of professional immunity will be resolved outside his lifetime, and that's the backdrop for A Womanly Talent...
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