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Originally Posted by D. M. Domini View Post
I would actually argue that her later books in each series are of poorer quality. The "formula" actually keeps her early books hopping, and tight, and interesting.

Writers, I've noticed, seem to follow one of two patterns...

A) They either start out hungry, eager to be published, and kick out their best work at the start of their career because it's been stewing for years and they Just. Have. To. Get. It. Out...and then after they've gained fame, suffer from a lack of editing because people will buy their stuff anyway.


B) They start out solid but not exciting, and work hard at their craft over the course of many published books to gain the experience they need to hit it out of the park.

AMC to me seems to be the first type. Her early books in each series are all great (with the exception of a few series). But as they go on they start to peter out. Terry Goodkind is another example of an author that started out with a bang and went downhill.

No it's a cool thought, and it's about the writing which I'm interested in.

I think that may be the case with some books within series, not because of formula and/or the quality of later writing, but because they're just that: ANOTHER book in the series. What's exciting about the first Talent book, the first Pern book, the first Crystal Singer book, to us as sci-fi readers, is that the concepts and characters are completely fresh and different. Out of this world, if you don't mind the cliche.

Since I haven't read enough of the talent books to speak of those, I'll use Pern as an example. F'Lar and Lessa's relationship and the dynamic that was that epic new world in the first couple Pern books was so exciting. Robinton as a character was such a mystery, a smart Obi-Wan type who guided everyone. When it became his story in Masterharper of Pern, continuity aside, some of that mystery about him was lost, and that's not very fun in a sci-fi setting. At that point, when it's the umpteenth Pern book though, I think Anne was pretty clear that she was just putting them out for money more than having a burning to tell another Pern story. Her other stories that she was putting out at that time: Freedom, Nimisha's Ship, etc. the new concepts were pretty fresh, fun and well written though. I think it has much more to do with being "another book in the series" more than she wasn't as good of a writer later.

Back onto the Talents: My original post asked if anyone remembered Henry Darrow dying? His precog of his death was mentioned several times in the short story, and he's referenced as a saintly figure afterward, but I don't remember reading about what happened with his death.
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