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Originally Posted by kindan View Post
Very true. Any author grows and makes more complicated/interesting stories, from what I can tell. Her early novels definitely feel much more like they've got a formula than the later ones. And that's just growing as a writer over time.
I would actually argue that her later books in each series are of poorer quality. The "formula" actually keeps her early books hopping, and tight, and interesting.

Writers, I've noticed, seem to follow one of two patterns...

A) They either start out hungry, eager to be published, and kick out their best work at the start of their career because it's been stewing for years and they Just. Have. To. Get. It. Out...and then after they've gained fame, suffer from a lack of editing because people will buy their stuff anyway.


B) They start out solid but not exciting, and work hard at their craft over the course of many published books to gain the experience they need to hit it out of the park.

AMC to me seems to be the first type. Her early books in each series are all great (with the exception of a few series). But as they go on they start to peter out. Terry Goodkind is another example of an author that started out with a bang and went downhill.

Terry Pratchett and Jim Butcher are examples of the second type. I didn't like Pratchett's early books, but now I read all the new ones as they come out. Jim Butcher I did like his first books, but I wouldn't have considered him one of the best writers out there by any means. But now you can pretty much be assured his next Dresden book will be better than 98% of the other urban fantasy.

There's a few authors who are both A and B (they're A-type writers that have the work habits of type B writers)...but they're really freaking rare. Patrick Rothfuss, long-term, may be one. Also, John Scalzi. We'll have to see.

All that I've taken the thread off-course...
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