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Yeah, you've hit on several of AMC's writing "trademarks". As you work through her other series, you'll see more patterns, such as the Lessa/Rowan/Killashandra character similarities thing, the F'lar/Jeff Raven/Lars Dahl thing, and the F'nor/Afra/Trag thing. (Killashandra, Lars, and Trag are from the Crystal Singer series, and Rowan, Jeff, and Afra from the Tower and Hive series, which is set about 300 years after the Pegasus series in the same universe.) (You could also argue that Sebell is a Lars Dahl lite.)

To Ride Pegasus is my favorite Pegasus book, though, closely followed by Peagsus in Flight. I never got into Pegasus in Space all that much, though. I should probably re-read it; I did a very cursory, light read when it was published.
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