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2cent Re: Glows | Glow Stone

I just found one on glow stone, soft blue glow at Mine Natalon, Ch. 15 Pg. 366-367, Dragonheart Hardcover 2008. Just something else, to think about. Something that you, can use as bio-light that can be used. "shrug shoulders''

They use what they have to hand. RoP. Renegade of Pern, Exploring of the collapsed tower at Landing Piemur 's Faril, had two two candles in each claw, for a glowbasket would be too big and heavy for a fire lizard to carry. My self, the back cover of the US Dragonseye Hardback, gives you a good idea how big they are, + the books say you need lots of them to see with. dq=Renegades%20of%20Pern%20by%20anne%20mccaffrey&p g=PA294#v=onepage&q=Farli&f=false
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