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Originally Posted by Kater
Oh Pat another one from the Tri-State of PA, NJ, and DE!! We should have a get together sometime!! I was born and raised in Philly. We will be up there in a couple of weeks to see my parents and go to the concert on 12/17 for hubby's b-day! hehehehe... Love meeting people who have some of the same that I do
Actually a Gather in PA is in the thought process for next spring or summer, last that I heard.

Hi I'm Dux, that's Risa in RL. I live in Northern Virginia with my hubby of 5 years and our two children - Ryan age 3 1/2 and Rachel, almost 2. I'm a stay at home mom now, but used to be a history teacher. I'm originally from Brooklyn, but have also lived in Tulsa, Buffalo and on Long Island before moving here.

I love to travel, although that has become difficult since the Little Girl arrived (no house can ever be truly Rachel-proofed ). We've been all over western and southern Europe, Turkey and throughout the Caribbean. We've travelled throughout our continent as well.

I was introduced to Anne's books while in college, by my sister. Whenever studying and classes became too rough I would escape to Pern, the Dinosaur planet and to her many other worlds.

BTW - thought it was a great idea to start a thread like this!
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