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Default Re: What is happening

Anneli...Oh I most heartily agree...they're like having a perpetual two year old, one that follows you everywhere, even to the bathroom, they go to bed with you and wake you up so you can get them their breakfast or dinner and any and all snacks that you care to give them.

They have their own toys, dishes, blankets, and some pet parents even buy their furry kids special clothes (those poor people have really gone round the bend)...We all worry and fuss over them when their sick...or we even think they are, refuse to leave them with anyone we don't trust completely...check out their doctors better than we do our own.
All in all...YEP they are just like our kids...especially the older we get.

Sandi...Good Luck with your Doctor appointment...hope all goes well with no new surprises. Yes I am afraid you will have to learn to put up with all the Doctors, their staff and all their endless poking and prodding...but it's really not that much to have to put up with considering what C O U L D have happened instead !

Maw...I agree again with Sandi...stick to your guns about the phone, I have two Grandaughters and what can go on with teenage girls is incredible, especially when it comes to their cell phones...UGG!!!
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