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Default Re: Writing Appreciation...

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
I definitely agree with all the above comments...

Anne really knew how to put the reader in the story...

your body would feel so very tired after a fall or after dragging
yourself in from the ranges with crates full of crystals...

you could smell and taste the incredible bubbly pies, or feel the
soft warm suede of the dragon you were flying.

A writer like Anne is a once in a lifetime for a reader...if your lucky.
I've read hundreds of wonderful books...from classics to modern
day best sellers, but none of them have ever reached in an touched
my heart like she did...over and over again.

I've never been able to read the the first part of *The Ship WHo Sang*
or the last of *All the Weyrs of Pern* without tears.
Well put in every respect. Weirdly enough, my wife says that Anne's writing is "Too dry." I don't get that at all.
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