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Default Lunzie and Fiona

I finished reading the Planet Pirates (omnibus) some time ago. At the time I was reading it I didn't think it was weird/wrong, but thinking back I just feel that it didn't make sense that Lunzie would leave her daughter at that point in time when she did. I haven't got the book with me at the moment, but I think Fiona was 14 when Lunzie left. Lunzie was supposed to be gone for a couple of years, but ends up being lost for a long time and then she is sad because she missed seeing Fiona growing up. What annoys me, is that Fiona would have been old enough to go away for college and move away from home anyway at the time when Lunzie would have been back from the money earning thing she was going away for. Of course, they would have stayed in touch and such, but she would still have not been there for an important character building period of Fionas life.
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