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OH NO Steven, I am so sorry for your eye strain

B u t...if you look at the drawing with a lovely Ruatha Gather in will see that we are enjoying a lovely is Lady Lanen, who is dancing with another Master of our aquaintance.
Can you hear the music now...I wish I was as wonderful a writer as Lady Lanen is, then you could smell the spices of the *roasting meats*with hot baked tubers. The warm fresh just out of the oven baked bread. Not to mention the hot sweet *bubbly pies*boiling over with juice, for desert. Add to that the soft sweet smell of a summer breeze...and you will surely be transported there to enjoy the gather as I ment it to be.

OK, it's a little corny I admit...but it's still such a very nice dream...
"To the Horsehead Nebula and back we shall make beautiful music"..."Together!"

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