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Default Re: Gather at Ruatha

I am so happy that you are all enjoying it...

@Lady Tresa, all you need now is to make your way to the *Bubbly Pies* stand...and enjoy the races and the dancing later...

@ Lady Sandi, enjoy yourself at the Gather dear lady...and please don't bet to many of your marks on the races..!!!

@ Lady Lily, glad to see you enjoying the fun...find yourself a comfy seat, I know you will enjoy the music and perhaps find yourself a handsome partner for a dance...

@Sarea, go get your fancy dress on...and find yourself a partner for one of the swing dances. Do remember to jot down those notes, as you see interesting things that stir that creative woodcrafters mind of yours...

@ Harper R, remember not to eat to many *Bubbly Pies* as you might need to take your turn on the stage...playing music for the dancers...

@Master Elrhan, enjoy the food, the music...and the fine Benden wine that will be served ...and please save me a dance...

@Journeywoman Smith Edy, enjoy the gather stall, the fine food...and the lively dancing...
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