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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

Also, there is another connection that is possibly being overlooked. Dragonriders are chosen for their psychic ability...while everyone has it to an extent, dragonriders have more of it, so they impress. A weyrwoman <since it seems to be a talent that is gender-tied> that can hear every dragon has even more of this talent then your typical dragonrider. Ok, now follow me here, as this part gets kinda of convoluted...

Queens, for the most part, also have "more" of this ability then other dragons, that, other then just being the ones that lay eggs, is what puts then on "top" Every dragon will take an order from a queen because they HAVE to...the queen's mind is simply stronger then theirs, so they really have no choice. If you take that as a given then you can apply something from The Rowan series <and since there is nothing that I've read so far that would lead me to believe they are in two different universes, I'm going with it > In that series, it shows how two people can "combine" their talent, giving them more power/range/ect.

So that could be why such a weyrwoman is seen as something so important....her higher mental ability, paired with that of her dragon, simply gives her more range/capability...which also explains why F'lar has Mnementh ask Ramoth to contact the weyrling, Mnementh simply doesn't have the range to do it, whereas she does.

Not to mention that such things tend to "breed true", meaning that any of that weyrwoman's offspring would have a higher ability as well, leading to a closer mental bond between rider and dragon which would be to the benefit of the weyr.
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