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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

Sorry, it's still not making sense, unless it's that Lessa has more range than dragons. (Which seems incredibly unlikely to me.) F'lar still has to tell Mnementh to tell Lessa what he wants the other dragons to know, and that still puts extra steps and more chance for miscommunication in the process. I could perhaps understand the excitement if F'lar could talk directly to her. I sure hope that he is directing the wings, because the delay could be dangerous. And all F'lar had to do was leave a dragon at the Weyr to have his resupply communications.

And I can't imagine that communication was really the problem he was making it out to be, as the ability seems to be rare and Pern got through eight other Passes without it. More like, it was all of the dragons and riders being a bit lazy and unwilling to practice relaying messages and taking orders the 'normal' way.

As for 'traffic control'--again, her being so critical to doing it makes one think that dragons must have been crashing into each other all the time in previous passes, therefore I don't see how she really is such a benefit.

Instead of being an answer to F'lar's problem, it seems more like Anne's desire to hype up Lessa's importance to Pern and make a bit of conflict between the characters.
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