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Default Some of my photos

Some might remember my mentioning I had opened a Facebook page called "Made in the Shade Jewelry & Things". Well, after leaving it lay idle for 'way too long, I've started to move forward with some "things" besides just my chain maille and wire wrap jewelry.

The first new thing I'm offering is prints of some of my photography. Since I bought a new Canon photo printer late last year, I've been very satisfied with the quality of the BIG prints I've done on it, so I'm offering prints up to 16X20 inches of some of my various scenery shots. I've printed all but one of these, so I know I can get very nice quality prints.

These downsized, very low resolution copies are the samples are what I put up on Facebook. Of course I did that so anybody who tries to steal them for themselves will be disappointed with what they get. But I would like to know what you folks think of my choices. Do you think they're the sort of thing that someone would like for decorating purposes?

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