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Default Two New Todd McCaffrey Shorts

I just found out about this, which I see is buried on his blog but in case people haven't seen it.

1. The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs - Todd has a story 'To The Nearest Planet' in here which is in the style of the old ERB adventure SF. I read this last night and it is fabulous, maybe Todd's best work to date. He blended with the ERB style perfectly and made a really cool story. Other notables in this antho are Mercedes Lackey, Kevin J. Anderson and Peter David to name a few! If you're a Burroughs fan, you'll likely enjoy this regardless of the contributors.

2. Shadows of the New Sun - This is an anthology honoring Gene Wolfe. I haven't picked this one up yet so can't comment on the story but it's out there as well:
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