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Default Re: Lytol- Certain to not put you to sleep

Originally Posted by Weyrlady View Post
I definitely agree- I have a couple ideas that could potentiAlly be Pern fanfiction myself, but I don't want to "use" any of Anne's characters. As usual, I want to do my own thing! Not that her people aren't good enough for me or anything; I just don't want to mess them up!

Greenrider Dawna's right, TDHO, you do have talent- keep up with "the writing gig".

I haven't gotten a chance to read MoP yet, but personally Lytol is awesome! Anyone who can rebuild themselves 3 times deserves respect.
I thank you and Dawna for the compliments. Nice to hear I've not been practicing in vain, heh. I know I have a way to go yet, but it's certainly fun to learn on the fly!

I posted another fictional thread in the Exhibit hall, but no one has responded. Am I supposed to do a separate thread for feedback as I saw for another fiction? Forgive my ignorance, but I'm new to the nuances here. I could use any help you can give, because it's been read a lot, but no one has any opinion. Makes me feel like it's not worthy. I'll post one for each fiction immediately if that's what's the custom. Frankly, I just don't know the protocol.
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