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Default Lytol- Certain to not put you to sleep

He doesn't relieve the stuffy, achy, fever, cough blah blah so you can rest, but he is certainly mighty.

When you think of his background, imagine him on the ground shuddering as his dragon's death was being keened across the continent. What kept him here so we can learn and know of him? Imagine carrying the coldness of between in your heart every waking day, and the loneliness of abandon into each darkening night. What will survives that every day?

A very strong one.

If there is a backbone that goes relatively unnoticed in these books, it's the constancy and strength of will this man has shown. I love a great deal of the characters that have populated Anne's world, but none have more of my admiration than Lytol.

As was written in Masterharper, he's remade himself three times. Once on his darkest day when he chose to live, twice when he stewarded Ruatha and imagine his internal turmoil when Jaxom impressed, and thrice when he became a well thought of consultant and friend to the planet, much less Robinton and D'ram being the third leg of that tripod.

Dynamic, steady, and openminded. A pillar, if you will, that others could build upon. I'd like to see Anne give him the respect she gave Robinton, and give us his life and times. It'd be dark for a time, but we all know the shape of things to come.

It's my personal hope that this unsung hero gain the notoriety and praise he deserves.
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