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Here's an update:

I sold my first piece to Chrysalis from the NKT. She picked out this eagle pattern from an internet site for her husband's birthday.

I made this piece, "Taking Flight", as an experiment to see what it was like, trying to cut a pattern into that 100+ year old white oak I told you about. Well, I posted a pic of it as a semi-humorous point in a thread on the NKT, and now it has a new home with Murphy in California. Not only that, but Wolfgar wants two, one reversed and one regular, so they can face each other. He's going to put them on either side of another picture he already has for accent.

I also have an order for 2 portraits for Samarra. They're a pic of her son, for the 2 grandmothers. I have the pattern done, unless I get a wild hair and decide to change it. I was hoping to be able to put it into the white oak, but after a failed experiment with a protrait of our oldest grandson, that's out.

But anyway, I'm still looking for other pics to do. There are a lot of subjects out there, besides the custom portraits. If anyone has any ideas they'd like, let me know.
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