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Default Dragons in the Mist

I would like to introduce a series of Dragon themed novels.

Dragons in the Mist is a story of a culture with a forgotten history, that must be rediscovered to save the Palmir People.

The first novel is Dragon Soul.
Dragon Soul begins in Vedicville, a village of the agrarian society - the Palmir People.

The Plague from the North--an attack of the Volastoque, a species of dual-winged flying reptiles --virtually annihilated the Palmir People generations ago. They defeated the Plague, with the help of mystics and dragons - but at great cost.

Dragons did not survive as separate entities. They are called Dragon Souls, and they reside in human Hosts who transform into Dragons.

Vedicville serves as a place to mentor Dragon Souls and Hosts, humans who transform into dragons. Thol, a goat herder at Vedicville, never imagined he would start his day as a human and end up as a dragon. Who would? There are usually indications that a person is Host to a Dragon Soul. The first indication for Thol, was when his hands began to elongate and turn into talons. When Rasdor emerges, unexpectedly, and fly's off in a panic, several villagers commence a journey to find him. The search uncovers more than the lost dragon, the key to saving their entire civilization. If they realize it in time.

Brief Excerpt:
Kuaric's mouth fills with an acrid tang. His human body stretches and elongates. Clothes dissolve into his skin. Claws, complete with talons, erupt from his hands and feet. His neck lengthens, with each vertical undulation becoming more serpentine. His head slightly flattens, becoming triangular in shape, silver maned, with flaming red eyes.
Sharp black scales erupt to cover his entire body. A dorsal crest bursts through his back. A tail grows behind and he becomes a dragon of gargantuan size.

Kuaric --now Maru his Dragon Soul-- screams with the pain of Transformation. Soon the change is complete. Maru - a powerful, predominately black-bodied dragon with silver mane, ridges and wings stands where a moment before was a mortal man.

Book 2 - Dragon Rebirth picks up where Dragon Soul left off. The plot line intensifies, new characters are introduced and the arena for the battle with the creatures attacking the Palmir People broadens as the story progresses. Mixed in all this, there are poignant moments of loss, love, spiritual growth and maturity as the characters face their fears and find within themselves the means to survive and prepare to prevail against the incursions.

Tumultuous times are upon the Palmir People. The threat of annihilation looms large once again, for they know the Volastoque poise for mass invasion. Nothing short of successful mastery of the lost powers can turn the tide.

But not without risků or sacrifice.

The characters you learned to love in book one continue their preparations to defend the Palmir People against the incursion of the Volastoque. The hatching of the first dragon eggs in over three hundred years bring in new characters and twists that immerses the reader in the trials and victories of the culture and its people.

In Dragon Soul, we saw how these can meld to work together for the benefit of everyone. In Dragon Rebirth, the characters are forced to look within themselves for strength, and learn the depth of their moral fiber.

I would appreciate your consideration of the series, and look forward to any feedback!

B.J. Whittington My Webiste - you can read excerpts of both novels, and the in-works prequel at that location, as well as character interviews in the blog.
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