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Default Re: Casting the FT&T

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
WOW, WOW, WOW really have something there...that is really would work.!!!!

I never thought of Michelle Pfeiffer...but what you have there is lovely. Put her into action and that would be the Rowan!!! Say who do you have in the background with her...and I don't mean Jeff...but the actor?????
That is actor Robert Hayes of Airplane! fame, among other things, I particularly enjoyed his performance in the shortlived sci fi series Starman. Here is his IMDB page if you're interested in other things he's done:

Now of course these two are far too old to play the parts now, but when you are playing what ifs, I suppose ages don't really matter.

IF we wanted to cast those roles for younger more contemporary actors......well theres a whole new experiment isn't it? Who out there today could capture the essence and stature of the Rowan and convey that on screen?

If you guys can come up with contemporary actors to fit those roles, I will transform them into a Poster/book cover type deal just as I did above....

Should be fun to see what names you can pull out of your delisciously devilish brains.

Experitorially yours,

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