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Default Re: The VISTA Telescope Thread (VTT)

Catching up on this thread and seeing all the wonderful pictures and get an inside glimpse of your work situation is absolutely making me want for words, Steven. Congratulations on your successes! What a unique way of making a living - sneaking in Rukbat in the schedule as well - what can I say but you are a genius

I wish my job could be pictured the way you have done here

Wishing you all the best and more success and a good return to your beautiful home country and your wife.

The Rowan is my favourite!

"The name rowan is believed to derive from the Norse runa - "a charm". It was often planted outside houses to ward off witches. On May Day a spray of rowan leaves was hung over doors to repel evil, and wells dressed with rowan to keep witches away. The rowan, or mountain ash, is found commonly in Scotland, sometimes clinging to a rock face."

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