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Default Re: The VISTA Telescope Thread (VTT)

Hans, yes I expect there will be an official "first light" picture from VISTA released to the news media in a few weeks/months. What I've shown here is just a snapshot of the acquisition screen - a raw uncalibrated image from just one detector. Once someone has calibrated the images and pieced together the overlapping jigsaw puzzle from the 16 detectors the results are going to look really fantastic. I expect they'll choose some pretty, wide field but scientifically significant region for the first light picture.

As for publicising this more widely, I'm not so sure. I'd rather wait until the public relations people have made the press release. The official hand-over is the end of August, so there should be something in the press by then.

Lady M, yes I sent a copy of the monitor screen picture to Anne yesterday. I wanted her to know that a major new telescope looked at her star as one of the first observations it made.
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