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OK, I just took some photos with my iphone, here they are


The box overall doesn't look too bad


But a closer look reveals that most of the corners are damaged and at one corner the box puished inwards


The right bottom corner (on left here) is the worst. The damage was done during transport (mail) from the US to The Netherlands after I bought it on eBay.
And that's all the damage because the inside are more than great:


The six pieces of the board are without damage and look great


And the play pieces and cards are in pristine condition. Just a few have a slight discoloration on the white backside. As you can see the pieces are unpunched and never been played with (yet!)





Of all cards just two character cards are loose, the rest is still atached to each other but will come loose easily. All the cards are there (character and others) and the two part rule book is there too.

I will reserve the game for you if you want (unless someone wants to bid $800 ), is it possible for you to pay me using PayPal?
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