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Default Re: Unlikeable Main characters (was titled Favorite USUAL Character?)

Originally Posted by Jesserli
Lessa, Jaxom, Menolly, Aramina, Jayge, T'lion, Readis, Brekke, F'lar, F'nor...

Don't attack me, but I don't like a one of them. There's not a single round character in the 9th pass. Or really, in Anne's books at all. They're completely flat and one-dimensional. Oh, I enjoy the books for fluff reading, but the characters are not well written at all.

Feel free to attack me, but it's the simple truth (in my mind).
I'd agree with you on the 9th Pass, and on most of Anne's other series as well, but I will argue there's one (sorta two) Pern books where the characters are strikingly well-written, especially when placed beside, say, Dragonquest or Renegades--Moreta and Nerilka. For some bizarre reason, Moreta has a complicated, conflicted, tragic heroine who not only can be wrong, but catastrophically so, a hero who's more than a bit of a wet rag at times but who still manages to buck up and pull together and ISN'T rewarded with the love of his life, but rather someone who isn't DESPERATELY romantically in love with him, either, but can learn to be happy. The supporting characters are unusually well-rounded, the villains aren't two-dimensional cutouts who seem to be 'bad' more because it's required to propel the plot than for any logical reason. Even the character who gets Searched and Impresses the gold does it without the usual sense of the good being divinely rewarded--there's a logical build-up to Oklina being chosen, and it's certainly not under the most wonderful circumstances. Throw in the that the plot is substantially less contrived than usual and I am left wondering what the heck happened--why can Anne produce something like Moreta, then turn around and put out Renegades?
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