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Default Re: Favorite USUAL Character?

Brekke. Jaxom. Aramina. For the reasons stated above.

I don't dislike Lessa. I think she held on to the Ruathan blood thing because she was focused on something practical--vengeance and destroying Fax. The people who get beaten down in that sort of situation are ones like Brekke, who'd have been totally destroyed in the same circumstances because they don't have the ability to come up with a goal and see it through. That a ten-year-old could create such a goal and set out a long-term plan to achieve requires some credulity, but it's not totally impossible. I get tired of her later after she becomes the Shrew of Benden, and especially when she's moping in Skies about the whole children thing, but while I'd never get along with her, I have perhaps a grudging admiration for her.

Jayge. Hate him. His family's too dumb to come in out of Thread and it's the dragonriders' fault? That's called natural selection--you were selected against because you were dumb. He's the worst sort of macho hero type-no real brains, just brawn. And isn't it *so* romantic how he barely gets a look at Aramina and is having wet dreams about her?
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