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I always thought that the T stood for Talent. so T-1 would be Talent (Rating) 1 etc. down to Talent-12 (or is it 15?)

And yes, Maw, that is right. As I said, a Prime is *only* somebody who is a T-1 with a long-distance path and port ability. If you were a T-1 Finder or Clairvoyant or only in pathing or only in porting then you wouldn't be a Prime, 'just' a T-1.

It's a shame that we don't see very many of the other Talents represented in the TTatH books, only in the Pegasus books. I know that when Rowan is on Deneb she finds some young people with various affinities, and there are some empathic nurses, medics and various crewmen onboard the spaceships, but there aren't really any non-Prime Talents mentioned, or for that matter, many non-path/port Talents described. There is Yegrani at the start of Rowan, but she is only there briefly and to set up the rest of her life.

It's a shame. I would like to know how the other various Talents were treated and ended up by the time of the later books.
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