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Default Re: T-1s and Primes

Kuagi - I agree, there's definitely evidence that the title "Prime" is specific to T-1 telepath/teleports working in the FT&T. Like, Elizara (and Zara Lyon) are both T-1s, but not Primes. It's also implied that if Isthia Raven had been trained, she would have been Prime too. (Unless her precog abilities were too disruptive.)

And in individuals there's some variety; Siglen had no telempathy, for example, but was still a Prime.

Bane Sidhe - Ah, that must be where I remembered the T-5 rating from the Pegasus books, if they were using them in the 2nd or 3rd book. I think it must have been the 3rd book, because I was already through the series as it existed at the time when Pegasus in Space came out (and The Tower and the Hive).

Anyway...dunno if this is your thing, but if you're looking for more Talent stories, I've had a Talent/Pern crossover in the works for a long while. People seem to look on it favorably for both its portrayal of Pern and Talents. I'm definitely no replacement, but it's been fun to write.
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