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Default Re: T-1s and Primes

Hey Bane Sidhe!

There's no formal list really of what Primes or other ratings are capable of. Initially, given evidence in the books that two T-2s can do what a Prime can do (just with more difficulty/more drain), it almost sounds like it's 2 T-2s equal 1 Prime, 3 T-3s equal 1 Prime, but if you continue down that scale, I just can't see how 12 of the T-12s could equal a Prime. Honestly, I doubt they could do together what a T-6 could do solo.

My best guess is that there's some sort of sliding scale that the FT&T adjusts as time goes on and they breed/meet new Talents, and the lower ratings are somehow figured out between the "un-measurable" ability of a Prime, and "the lowest reliably measured" Talent of a T-12.

(It would be interesting to see if Peter Reidinger I was really a Prime by "modern" standards, or just a reasonably buff T-2 or T-3 with a special trick for gestalt.)

Anyway, all that said, I've written a lot of Talent fanfiction, and my personal canon (based on clues given in the books) sort of goes like this:

T-12: Close range/touch telepathy only. Minor object lifting or teleporting, for short differences...pieces of paper, small items like pill bottles or forks. It can be demonstrated on demand, but is limited to things very close by, and low in mass.

T-9: Probably enough range to cover a large room effortlessly. My reasoning on this is Brian Ackerman is a T-9, and he seems to communicate to the Rowan and Afra just fine with telepathy, so his Talent probably covers the work areas of Callisto Moon Base but not much beyond that. Telekinetically, since he's Stationmaster, I expect him to be able to "lift" shipping boxes about the same size as what your UPS or FedEx guy carts around. But not as far and not as long as higher Talents, and with much huffing and puffing.

T-6: Able to "cover" an entire planet, or half of one, but not go off-planet. The series tends to have T-6es for minor but significant-to-POV characters. If I recall, Goswina was one, as Alison Greevy, and also Damia's twic prior to Afra. So I'm guessing they can cover most of a planet...which is really all you need domestically unless you're directly involved in moving cargo off-world. I can't see Damia getting away with a "low powered" twic that couldn't at least cover the entire planet they were looking out for, even if the woman couldn't give much oomph to ore 'ports offworld.

T-5: Able to reach a planet's moons or other planets in that solar system; able to reach the closest other human colonies, barring Deneb which is in the middle of nowhere.

(Seriously, Deneb's separated by lots of light years from the other stars mentioned in the series. It's in the middle of nowhere. There's a reason Afra can't reach it, and that nobody realized Deneb was in trouble before Jeff reached out to Rowan.)

I THINK, from the Pegasus in Space book, the "loud-mouthed" telepath that was stationed on the moon was a T-5 or so. Then again, I don't recall T-ratings being used in the Pegasus books so maybe I just dreamed it up.

T-4: Able to reach all of the main colonies, barring Deneb. Some are difficult to reach. Basis: Afra Lyon's abilities, and Gollee Gren's. They seem to be able to reach everywhere needed, they just get much more tired doing it than a Prime is.

T-3: A less-tired T-4 with a bit more reach.

T-2: Can reliably reach every colonized planet, but to do Tower work needs to be partnered with another to lighten the load of the farthest 'ports. I like to think a T-2 is "a Prime with limits"; Afra Lyon makes a comment that he's "as Prime as he wants to be" when he's a T-2, so I feel that's support that you get most of the benefit of having strength and reach without actually having all the pressure of Prime. (I mean, how much strength and reach do you need once you can span stars with your mind? Do you really need more stars in reach?)

T-1: I like to think of this as less a set ability, and more a "so strong we can't really measure you yet". Like, if you have a limit the FT&T can find, you're a T-2. If you try and can't find one, you're T-1. I expect as the Alliance expands, you might start running into "Primes" that can't make ALL the reaches.

This said, there is less support on the books on this idea. I like the idea, but on the other hand, if the FT&T thought Primes were not "measureless" but "difficult to measure", would he have so blithely put a bunch of Afra and Damia's kids on military ships as their FIRST assignments? Probably not, he clearly expected them to be able to reach home. ::shrug::

Again, a lot of this is me just coming up with theories. There's very little laid out with any certainty about specific abilities of each T-rating.
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