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Except that's just retcon BS. R'gul and F'lar aren't the only people in the Weyr. Or at Benden Hold. Manora certainly isn't going to lie her head off for either of them. There is no way they locked Lessa in her quarters for nearly three years plus she can, without their knowledge, speak to all the dragons--she can talk to whatever riders she wants including elderly ones like C'gan. And the writing problem is we have F'lar as a POV character. There's no indication from his POV he's lying to protect Lessa and Ramoth. It's either the case that he's meant to think that queens don't fly unless they're mating, or it's bad writing. Far better to to treat MHoP as apocryphal, since a lot of it simply makes no sense at all with DF and DQ.
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