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Default Re: DQ missing a scene?

Up to chapter ten now, and the summary opens with:

Robinton was wearing a green tunic, specially prepared by Masterweaver Zurg.
He wore pants of a light green, made by Mastertanner Belesdan. Both Zurg and Belesdan had disapproved of his choice of colors, but Robinton felt that it was time to drop that old superstition. He waited for his transport, dragons, grudgingly granted by T'ron. Three dragons appear, a green, a blue, and a bronze. He calls four other Harpers who were accompanying him. The three dragons are still in the sky as he comes out to meet them, and Robinton wonders which dragon he should pick. The blue from Telgar Weyr, which appeared first? The green from Fort Weyr, to whom his Craft was weyrbound? Or the bronze from Benden, as the highest honor?

The three dragons landed, and their riders began arguing amongst themselves who should transport Robinton. The Benden bronzerider, N'ton, gracefully bows out of the argument, deferring to Robinton himself, while the other two continue arguing. Robinton choses the bronze dragon, as his rider gave him the honor due him.
Robinton devides the other four Harpers between the blue and green dragons.
This bit sounds familar, at least, but again, it's not in my edition - or at least, not at the start; perhaps it's later on?
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