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Default Re: Couple Things Having A Hard Time Finding...

Totally mistaken, no spares like I thoght I (still) had

But I did find 3 Starstream comics #2, #3 and #4 (#3 is the one with the CS story) if you are interested and magazins "Amazing Stories" (sept 1993) and "Algol Starship" (Winter 1978-1979), bith in perfect condition.
The first mag holds the magazine publication of the short story 'The P.E.R.N. Survey'. Algol holds the article 'On Pernography' by Anne.

Do you already have one of the Pern boardgames? I've got a spare of one of the two, box a bit tattered but the cards with pern portraits aren't even cut and are still joined together.

Have you looked if the Albedo issue is still for sale with the publisher? I bought mine that way!
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