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Re: The Perfect-Matched

Originally Posted by Shalyn View Post
I'm assuming this takes place in the "Skyboom" universe?
Indeed. It takes place a few Turns after Skyboom. How many Turns depends on which character you're talking to.

Though just the fact that F'lon is still alive should really change history around quite a bit...
F'lon being alive is probably the least of it. ::

It's very well written, and even though the mind boggles at a five-year old Impressing, obviously it is boggling the minds of the players in the story, too. I like that in a story - if you're going to do something unconventional, to have the characters in the story also realize the unconventionality of it is a plus.
The funnest part of writing something outrageous like this is figuring out how all the various characters react. Or even just watching which characters offer themselves up to me as viewpoint characters...I don't have the foggiest of how I ended up with Brekke as a POV character, and not only that, but in the first person too! And F'nor, whom I've been struggling with in Skyboom, actually got a speaking line for once. Albeit one where my sense of humor raises its head...

But stepping back a bit--yes, you need to have characters react realistically. All of you guys know Pern, probably much MUCH better than I in a lot of cases. And if I'm going to be throwing wild ideas and theories out, I have to take extra steps to keep your suspension of belief suspended. And as I said before, it's just more fun to write characters who react as if they actually have their own pasts, feelings, emotions, and brains.

Touching on the five-year-old thing again...Merelly was crafted quite consciously to fulfill practically every Mary Sue checklist item possible. I'm going to have a lot of fun proving that she can stand as a strong character despite being outwardly a textbook example of a character with massive Mary Sue traits. (Famous parents? Queen Benden dragon? Dragon named "Wrath" of all things? Intelligence, talent, charisma, and a tragic event in her past? Check check check check!)

(Oh, and I think "felis" is spelled "fellis".)'re probably correct. I didn't check that one. Darnit. It will be fixed sooner or later.

Anyway, again, thank you everyone for your feedback. I should actually be posting the next part of Skyboom shortly; I'll be doing that revamping I intend, too, but it might happen a little later, particularly since I may have fixed some parts that were bugging me in the next chapter or two I intend to post.
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