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The Guild either owns outright or has control of the entire planet of Ballybran. In order to set foot on Ballybran, you must either be a member of the Guild, or have special equipment to survive without being exposed to the symbiont and also have clearance from the FSP. Ships without clearance would most likely be re-routed by the FSP when on approach, or outright destroyed if they were thought to pose a threat to the Guild, since the FSP needs Ballybran crystal and the Heptite Guild is the only way to get that.

Duties like farming, fishing, etc., are done on Ballybran, in a limited number of places, by guildmembers who did not have singer-level adaptations to the symbiont. Logically, only a portion of the planet is subject to mach storms, and there are fertile areas for growing food away from the mountain ranges, but they would still have to be managed by people who have been exposed to and survived symbiont adaptation. Otherwise, the cost of maintaining environmental systems for the farmers/fishers would be too high to make local food production viable - they would have to have air, food and water piped in, and could never be exposed to the native plants and animals directly or they would risk symbiont exposure.

The FSP mandated no travel to and from Ballybran to limit risk of death due to symbiont exposure - most poeple have no idea that there is a symbiont, and thus, would not take the proper precautions for a successful adaptation. Further, once adaptation has occured, it is necessary to regularly be on Ballybran to maintain the health of the symbiont - if it dies, the human host dies as well. Most non-singers never leave the planet, or, if they do, go no further than Shankill Moonbase. I'm under the impression that this is because non-singers have a weaker -and thus more vulnerable - adaptation to the symbiont and are at risk for symbiont failure much more rapidly than a singer might be.
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