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Default Re: A Collector's Guide to the Works of Anne McCaffrey

Edith, I do list US and UK editions in the Guide. So it will work for you as well. Both paperback and hardcover books can have a couple of different '1st' editions. If a new publisher gets the book they'll put out their own 1st edition. The Coelura was first done by Underwood-Miller and then done by TOR, so there are two different hardcover 1st editions. Tho Underwood-Miller is the true 1st, but I've got both since they're out there to buy.

Hans, I'll gladly drop it in the mail for you! No worries on the postage! (I'll atone for not signing it that way.) Hey, no worries on eBay bidding. It's all fair as far as I'm concerned. I put in my max bid and if someone goes higher then they are welcome to the item. I always put in the highest amount I'm willing to spend and if someone is willing to give more then it's theirs. If I wasn't willing to spend what I bid then I shouldn't be bidding. So you go ahead and don't let me stop your bidding, Hans!
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