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Default Re: What happened to Kylara after she became witless?

Originally Posted by Lily View Post
Very nice Brenda. I wasnt sure if Kylara's fire lizard was a bronze or gold.
Brenda - A nice little story there, well done!

As I recall, Meron and Kylara got hold of a clutch of fire lizard eggs and when the queen lizard hatched, Meron went to grab for it but Kylara knocjed his hand away saying something along the lines of " a queen for me and a bronze for you." And then when they had the requisite lizards, left the rest of the clutch to tear each other to pieces (am assuming the survivor(s) went out of the Hold to find food so returned to the wild.)

Lily, Almaron, - Wherever she went, I imagine Ranelly would follow, she seemed to dote on Kylara. And Almaron, her survival till SoP might depend on whether she still has the will to live, or whether she's so far gone that she'd unaware of her loss so she'll live till her body gives up. Also, does she staty in bed or is she mobile, for as I recall, people who spend long amounts of time lying down (due to illness ETC) are more susceptible to respiratory conditions (like pneumonia).

Mawra, Eriflor - yesm you're right, athough all those memtioned can carry out simple tasks, but I also wonder abot the near-catatonic, who can eat and excrete but not anything else, and yes, mental illness can be comlcated, as many perople with clinical depression and bipolar disorder (I know several people with one or the other) can be functional when well, but totally unfunctional when they go down (and/or, in the case of bipolar, high).
As many artists and musicxioans have exhibited signs of mental illness, in some cases I imagine they are looked after when unwell and encouraged to recover - although some of the deoressed/bipolar people I know have written amazing poetry when ill. And with people like that, it might be seen as part of their artistic teperament, or a 'curse' that balances out their gift.

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