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Question What happened to Kylara after she became witless?

As I recall, after the Prideth/Wirenth fight, Kylara was decsribed as being "witless" (Haven't got the books to hand, so this is from memory.) After that, we hear nothing, so I was just wondering what might have happened to her? Was she given back to family to care for? Was she exposed, or allowed to starve to death, or overdosed with fellis? I suppose there's no real way of knowing, but it's an interesting thought.

What about other Pernese who'se minds become so badly damaged they would not survive without care? Does the Healer Hall have any sort of sanitorium where they try and re-teach the unfortunates basic skills like eating unassissted so they can at least function minimally? Or would euthanasia be seen as kinder (and easier for whoever is feeding them and looking after them.) From the Dragonsinger series, it seems the Uncles and Aunties are looked after, but even they seem to be able to function enough to vcope, and sometimes be useful (babysitting ETC).

And what about dementia, not early onset, but just due to aging so much their brain starts to deteriorate? (I do not include general mental illness because as I recalled, all potential colonists were screened for anything in their genes that could cause issues.)

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