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Default Re: How would you tell, if something breaking fan fic rules?

Ginny, I don't believe there's any point in disclaimers. I never used them for my fanfic - it's a given fact that if you're writing fanfic, you're doing it with no legal right to the setting or characters whatsoever. Pointing it out in a preface is quite unnecessary.

That said, she (I'm assuming a she here - it usually is) does seem to have taken practically every aspect of her opening two paragraphs from Dragonsong. As for the rest - well, it's a standard Sue Impression-fic. I'd worry less about her using a different rider for Bronze Orth than I would the fact that she seems to be illiterate.

No fanfic rules being broken here - just shitty writing. Leave constructive criticism if you want, or snark about it elsewhere, but don't worry about complaining to some elusive higher authority. There isn't one, as far as these things go.
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