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Originally Posted by Kugai View Post
You obviously didn't get much beyond the first part then, Yes, the Borglings are there, and the encounter with the Collective was predictable, but things have moved on from there.

Have you been through The Maze Of Mines - or did you never get that far?
Never got that far.

I suppose I might as well give the story another try -- you obviously enjoyed it, and for some reason I can't see you reading crap and enjoying it.

Edit: Tried again. Still didn't manage to get completely through Modifications, but... the way plot has gone so far doesn't match up well with my personal standards, and I actually made it past the point where I would typically answer this question: "Is this story worth reading any further?"

Still, I'd hesitate to label Wonders of the House Presba "crap", as my poor opinion is a reflection of my own failings -- I'm basically citing lack of evidence.

One problem is all the polyandry -- I don't really see myself ever having more than one partner. If other people want to, that's fine ... provided there isn't any duress involved. Another problem is the 'living ship' concept -- it just seems lazy and fairly shallow on the part of the writer, lending itself as well as it does authorial fiat (more and more lately I've found myself in 'truth and consequences' mode). A third problem is that the plot feels too AU -- unlike Past Imperfect, key characters just feel ... wrong.

Seven of Nine's asocial tendencies, prelidiction for analysis, eidetic memory, etc fit her backstory. I certainly don't see her being half the slut she is in Modifications.
B’Elanna Torres gets denigrated even more -- she loses control of her emotions within seconds of being introduced, and it seems that she never bothers to reign them in.
Kathrine Janeway's portrayal is in many ways even worse than Seven's -- from what I remember of the show, Modifications Janeway appears to be some freaky counterpart from some negative universe or other.

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