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I would never assume a total extinction of livestock, but the herds would have suffered immensely. I agree that losing Landing was the hardest blow, as it was the centre for all their production. They did put all their eggs in one basket, but there would not have been any reason to spread it out.

The first Fall of Thread would have been devastating and horrific. An unknown thing drops down, eats everything it comes in contact with, and just seem stop keep growing. They have no idea what it is nor how to stop it. None of the shelters built, unless they were metal quonset type buildings, would give adequate protection. A wood based roof would just be eaten away and stone/concrete walls would just trap whatever was inside the building.

For Second Crossing, they would have tried to save as much as possible, even the wild life. The wild herds were in as much danger as the rest, but Threadfall is a narrow swath which they could run away from. I also think that these animals are smart enough to realize from experience that water is a barrier or haven from Thread. The herds were probably driven to near extinction, but were able to recover.

The saga of the First Fall would probably make one helluva series!
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